Have you ever forgotten to do something that couldn’t have, no matter what and was in an awkward situation?
With QuickeR! is simple: either you do it, or delay it, but never forget it! You just forget to do something if you do not write it down on QuickeR! Do not fill up your calendar, your notes app, or your task manager with things like, call your mother, buy milk, pay the electricity bill or even take a medicine. QuickeR! reminds you of important things, that you have day and time to be accomplished. With QuickeR! you never forget to do them again!


 Designed to be simple

The quick reminder is a text field like WhatsApp or iMessage. Type what you need to remember, and you will not forget!


Smart Reminder

Type what you want to be remembered, the date and time, and the QuickeR! will understand when you need to be reminded.


Detailed Reminder

You can create a reminder with more details like tags, notes, recurrence when you are not in a hurry.




Designed to not let you forget

If you always forget something, here is the solution. When it’s time to do something, the QuickeR! starts firing notifications every minute to not let you forget.


Designed to be fast

Quick timings is a simple and fast way to set the hour for your reminder. Just slide to right to access this feature.


Fast way to snooze

When a reminder is firing, if you can not do at this moment, just slide to right and snooze the reminder.


Designed to be powerful

Bills need to be paid every month. Medicines need to be taken at the right time. Recurring reminders in a simple and easy way


Sync with iCloud

Synchronize your reminders with iCloud and you can have them in other iPhones and iPads. Your reminders are always available.



Sometimes we need to note many details about what we want to remember. So put on notes by sliding to left to access.